A collaboration between Clayhands and the Hogares Claret Foundation


These two organizations came together in Sasaima Colombia to celebrate the completion of the student meditation and study hall (pictured below) in the sub-tropical Andean Cordillera. The smell of exotic foods, incense, and rain-dampened clothing were a part of the pageantry as well as the sound of bells, celebration and 110 boys talking and laughing.

The purpose of the event was the formal change of possession of the 10 x 14 meter structure that was built by the Clayhands team of artisans and builders. It is a gift to Padre Gabriel Mejia, the founder in 1990 of his therapeutic community called Hogares Claret.  

Clayhands, as a new entity, wanted to show what can be done with earth-based construction methods (adobe, pressed earth and bahareque). What better way to do that than by building a huge meditation hall for 110 boys, and then giving it freely to a much appreciated and revered foundation with its amazing, bighearted and holy founder, Father Gabriel Mejia.  

The event was a success and Clayhands’ involvement in the region has made a difference; soon we expect to assist in bringing 100+ beds to the Medellin rehabilitation center that is currently housing an adult therapeutic community. This community and the Sasaima facility are two of 44 rehabilitation groups throughout Colombia that Padre Gabriel operates.