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What Is a Statement of Retained Earnings? What It Includes

Where they know that management has profitable investment opportunities and have faith in the management’s capabilities, they would want management to retain surplus profits for higher returns. Any investors—if the new company has them—will likely expect the company to spend years focusing the bulk of its efforts on growing and expanding. There’s less pressure to […]

Do Loan Fees Have To Be Amortized? All You Need to Know

Over the term of the loan, the fees continue to get amortized and classified within interest expense just like before. As a practical consequence, the new rules mean that financial models need to change how fees flow through the model. This particularly impacts M&A models and LBO models, for which financing represents a significant component of the […]

Fund accounting Wikipedia

For example, contributions may be listed under the 4000s, with individual contributions listed as 4100s and in-kind contributions listed as 4200s. These governments must stay true to the standards set by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). This board has the responsibility of setting financial standards for state and local governments. Fund accountants work for […]