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What does good DevOps look like? with Romano Roth, Head of DevOps at Zühlke Ship It! #28

For DevOps to be successful in an organization, you need buy-in from different teams – executives, development and operations. The DevOps Evangelist is the leader responsible for the success of DevOps processes and people. The Evangelist identifies key roles required for optimal DevOps delivery and ensures that all players are trained and prepared for their […]

PWA vs Native Apps Finding the Ideal Mobile App Solution 2023

Progressive web apps are supported on Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox for Android, and Microsoft Edge. The advancement in technology that brings about the debate on these two all boils down to which serves the best functionality and purpose. To make an affirmation, you should be properly induced in both concepts. Unlike PWA, which can […]

The stages of a systems development life cycle

Also, make sure you have proper guidelines in place about the code style and practices. Again, because SDLCs rely heavily on documentation and guidelines, it’s a team effort, and losing even a key person won’t put the project’s deadline in jeopardy. Checks and balances are built into SDLC models to ensure that all software is […]

Solutions Architect: Roles and Responsibilities

An enterprise architect has a much larger scope of work compared to other architect specializations. This specialist develops and proposes strategic technological initiatives to the business’s top executives and explains their benefits. Based on strategic plans, an enterprise architect designs complex enterprise ecosystems. Overall, the work of these specialists is much more business-oriented than the […]

Agile Software Program Development Wikipedia

Acting as a proclamation, it is designed to improve software improvement methodologies, and instantly responds to the inefficiency of conventional growth processes. Namely, their reliance on weighty documentation and alternative for oversight. In addition to its four values, The Agile Manifesto additionally outlines 12 rules for agile growth practices. These 12 principles emphasize things like […]

What Is Pair Testing? Free Your Testers

It’s mainly utilized in Agile and enormous tasks involving cross-functional groups or tasks with unclear necessities and lacking specs. Unlike different types of software program testing, prior preparation like writing check scripts, reviewing, and getting approval before the actual check execution isn’t needed. Pair testing is one kind of what Malcolm Isaacs calls “social software […]