Clayhands Joins Alpine Green and George Smith in a New 2021 Project

In contemporary news, the word “disruptive” refers to technology or systems that change an industry radically, exponentially and usually in a positive manner. In Colombia it can be said that Clayhands, GRS and Muzo mine have shown positive influences that can be described as disruptive. The arrival in the Muzo region of the Muzo mine companies (MTC and CTT) has been disruptive in a very positive way; breaking old traditions and giving salaries and steady employment to hundreds of workers, affecting thousands in the region. The Clayhands foundation, partnered with GRS is bringing employment, education and habitat to the region and has shown great local knowledge and clear accomplishments.

George and Ron have embarked on a charitable project to give back to Colombia by building two structures near the emerald mining town of San Pablo de Borbur. Part of Clayhand’s backing comes from emerald dealers and colored stones dealers in Colombia, Asia, USA and Europe.

George Smith Alpine Green

Bogotá, Colombia

Over forty years ago there was an adobe brick workshop in the area, taking advantage of the excellent local clay. Rebuilding it will give employment and sustainability in this remote region of the Andes mountains. The Mayor of Borbur is expediting our project.

We would like to announce the publishing of our new book about Clayhands and our cooperation with the charitable activities in Colombia of Father Gabriel Mejia of Medellin. This exciting news will be shared once the book is published mid-summer this year.