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Project Description

Future Projects

Muzo Community Center

Build a Community Center at the Muzo emerald mine property in Eastern Boyacá. This space will serve as storage for our equipment and supplies for ongoing projects and as a space for teaching, community engagement, and more.

Chanares Brickmaking Factory

Resurect an Adobe Brick-making Factory in the tiny town of Chanares, near Borbur. This small factory, 100 years old and abandoned for 50, is made of adobe. The locals have forgotten the techniques of adobe and clay construction and are living in cement houses or bamboo shelters.  

Clayhands is in the process of acquiring one hectare (2 1/2 acres) of land in the vicinity of Muzo town and Muzo mine. We need this space to house our equipment and personnel while we do various projects in the area. Having a compound near the town of Muzo would have many advantages. Our donors could have a place to visit and go adventuring in this amazing region, rich in wild orchids, butterflies, bird species, botany, geology and great people

It is our firm belief that the future of this area will be a destination for eco-tourism and gem tourism: the climate, at 2500 feet above sea level, is balmy and warm; but without the malaria mosquitos that inhabit the coastal regions near sea level.

The mayors of the small towns in this area are concerned with unemployment in this growing region. Clayhands, with its labor-intensive earth-based construction methods, will train and prepare young people for building their own habitat as well as teaching them a lifelong skill in the process.

The most interesting detail about this sparsely populated region near Borbur is that you can see the geological uniqueness that gives rise to the world’s finest emeralds, and you can feel the presence of hidden treasure under the ground. This region has changed the lives of many people and it only involves finding a green transparent stone under the next rock! One geologic fault in this rich zone came to the surface right below a mountain of shale. When it separated the mountain became two free-standing monoliths with the Minero River running between them; known now as the Fura Tena.

The Mayor of Borbur town meets with Ron Ringsrud, founder of Clayhands to discuss earth construction projects in the area, including the restoration of an old adobe brick factory in the vicinity that has been abandoned for decades.

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