Secure Document Sharing

Secure document sharing is the use of digital processes to protect information from unauthorized access. The data could be any information deemed sensitive by the organisation, which includes personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). It is usually handled by combining security tools including encryption and access controls being the two most common tools.

Encryption protects documents during storage and transit to ensure that only those who are authorized to view them can access the files or download them. Furthermore, file-sharing applications with features like an invisible digital watermark can be used to track what and when a document was opened to guard against the theft of data.

Secure document sharing solutions also include authentication systems and user access controls. These systems make sure that only people with authorization can view or download documents. They typically require users to enter an account password to gain access to the system. Additionally regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA require companies to implement and maintain security protocols that are robust to protect their data.

Secure document sharing platforms offer a variety of benefits to businesses looking to improve their collaboration workflows and document transfer systems. However, it’s essential for businesses to comprehend the risks that come with using commonplace file-sharing and collaboration tools. The use of these unsafe methods can result in phishing attacks, ransomware threats and other cyber-attacks that could compromise critical data assets. These secure solutions require time and resources to be implemented.

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