Solutions Architect: Roles and Responsibilities

An enterprise architect has a much larger scope of work compared to other architect specializations. This specialist develops and proposes strategic technological initiatives to the business’s top executives and explains their benefits. Based on strategic plans, an enterprise architect designs complex enterprise ecosystems. Overall, the work of these specialists is much more business-oriented than the tasks of their solution and technical counterparts.

Once these conditions are fulfilled, the hopeful will have to register with PeopleCert (the approved Axelos Examination Institute), fill out the application, and present their CV. Next, the proposal for a business improvement has to be submitted together with the work package that shows the candidate’s practical skills in applying the ITIL principles in real-world business cases. After that, the applicants will have to successfully pass an interview with an assessment panel where they will be questioned on their experience. If you want to catch all details quickly, check out our video about a solution architect role. While the development lead is responsible for their part of the solution, the SA is the proverbial one neck to choke if it doesn’t all come together right. The SA has the ultimate responsibility for making the technologies work together.

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On top of that, these professionals can earn additional cash compensation of $23,271 on average from bonuses, commissions, etc. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is for gathering, storing, and processing personal information in the European Union. This privacy legislation must be taken into consideration when creating any data architecture.

ICPs are tailored cloud proposals specific to an industry and can further be tailored to an organization’s needs. Like a regular architect, a data architect designs an organization’s data layout blueprint. However, this is just a basic explanation, and the roles and responsibilities of a data architect are much more.

Estimation of Project Outcomes

For instance, a product is built with technologies that must suit the requirements of its particular modules. Project scope is a part of software documentation that defines specific goals, tasks, features, and functions. Ultimately, technical architects define how the software must be engineered, while infrastructure architects make sure that this software is successfully deployed and operates well.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

An enterprise architect
This specialist evaluates the technology ecosystem in its entirety and makes certain that the resulting program will seamlessly blend into the picture. An extensive part of the job is informing the executives about the importance of the tech advances made, as well as conveying the management’s long-range plans to the developers. Augmented-Connected Workforce
The augmented-connected workforce (ACWF) is a strategy for optimizing the value derived from human workers.

Solution Architect Skills

A solution architect is a person who finds the best tech solution to clients’ business problems. They bridge business requirements and tech means developers need to use to meet these requirements. Architects speak both ‘technical’ language with developers and ‘business’ language with clients. This is where the ability to explain complex and abstract technical concepts is crucial for these professionals. Solutions Architects also inform project managers and software engineers about the requirements of the project, and they remain involved in the whole development lifecycle. In some companies, the roles of a ‘solutions architect’, ‘enterprise architect’, and ‘technical architect’ can overlap.

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The Contract: The Foundation of Construction Projects.

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Before creating an app, data models help stakeholders find and address flaws or vulnerabilities. A data architect specializes in developing and optimizing database models to hold and easily access company data. These professionals analyze system specifications, build data models, and guarantee the data’s integrity and security.

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Many SAs will have the tools to move into corporate or business planning, other senior IT positions, different architecture roles, or even a CTO. Your company needs a thorough solution architect job description to find and hire the right person for the job. Solution architect job candidates should gain a clear understanding of the role, and know whether their qualifications make them a good potential employee.

roles and responsibilities of solution architect

From an employee’s point of view, certification is mainly needed for a specific company. However, it’s the proven approach to become an IT solution architect, increase and acquire credibility. As for the business owners, it allows them to assess candidates’ tech knowledge and to define if they’re experienced enough to be involved in your project.

Frequently asked questions on solution architects

The above solution architect’s responsibilities list can be supplemented with further duties depending on your objectives, team composition, and other factors. Healthcare providers such as HCA Healthcare and Intermountain Health also employ data architects at a six-figure salary. Therefore, it is worth putting in the hard work, getting certified, honing solution architect performance goals your data architecture skills, and gaining experience since there is much room to grow in this career. A data architect oversees the tasks of data engineers, comparable to how a building architect supervises a construction crew setting the foundation for a new building. This ensures their databases, apps, or other data systems conform to the framework.

Although solutions architects are not directly involved in project development, they still need to ensure that project resources are being used efficiently and impactfully. They should be business-minded and capable of identifying the most effective solution at every turn for every part of the architecture. It is their responsibility to focus on business goals, including hiring new people, and understand how to achieve them in the set timeframe and within the given budget.

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At first, a software architect works with the tech team to elaborate on all possible options of how the idea can be made a reality. As a solutions architect, you’ll want to get certified in any relevant skills or technologies for your industry or field. The skills and knowledge that you’ll need can vary depending on the role, but you can always find certifications and courses for individual skills required for the job such as Java, AWS, Azure, or Apache Kafka. We invite you to explore our top client cases, where you can gain insights into how we have transformed business challenges into success stories and understand the tangible benefits of custom software solutions. Rest assured, opting for Relevant means choosing a trusted partner dedicated to your technological success. Each role is distinct yet interdependent, creating a harmonious trinity that guides an organization’s technology strategy from vision to execution.

  • Solution architecture itself encompasses business, system, information, security, application and technology architecture.
  • The solution architect assists the team and leads the project through implementation.
  • Digital transformation requires businesses to reconsider either how they deliver value to their customers or what they will eventually deliver.
  • The solution architect should consider all software development requirements and provide updates about the development process, expenses, etc.
  • If the team follows the Agile methodology, the solution architect’s role is to support the development team, accompanying the project at the implementation stage.
  • A domain architect defines the standards, policies, and patterns for the domain, as well as the interfaces and dependencies with other domains.
  • They will also offer counseling or arguments if something is technically impossible.

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